Product Support

At Rogue Research, it is our hope that all our products work without problem. Unfortunately, as with any endeavour, problems can come up from time to time. You have several methods to reach us in case of any problem or question you may have regarding any of our products. Please pick the one that meets your needs best.

For any software problem, hardware problem, bug report, feature request, or feedback of any kind, please email us at Multiple people will receive the message and will act on it right away. We are grateful for any feedback from our customers on how we can improve to better meet your needs! Otherwise, you can reach us toll free from Canada & USA at +1-866-984-3888 or worldwide at +1-514-284-3888.

If you have arranged a video support chat, you can connect to our chat server at

Sales & Pricing

Contact Rogue Research if you have any questions or would like pricing information. We will be happy to provide this or direct you to an authorized distributor near you.

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