This page serves as a repository for useful videos to either demonstrate the standard features of Brainsight or to describe some novel ways to accomplish different tasks where a video may be the best way to present it. The videos are informal and will be updated from time to time to reflect new features, or simply to improve on the video quality.

Brainsight fNIRS Primer
Watch the video (about 21 min)

NIRS – How to create an assembly list visually
Watch the video (about 11 min)

Ruler Tool – How to create a new target offset from a previous sample
Watch the video (about 4 min)

Pre TMS session steps – General demonstration
Watch the video (about 29 min)

Performing a TMS session – Basic demonstration
Watch the video (about 20 min)

Reviewing a TMS session – General demonstration
Watch the video (about 13 min)

Creating Trajectory Based Targets
Watch the video (about 9 min)

Creating a curvilinear reconstruction based on a model when the automatic technique fails
Watch the video (about 9 min)

Creating a grid on the cortex with individual nodes with independent orientations appropriate for the robot
Watch the video (about 7 min)

Description of the subject-image registration method when using the ICBM template project
Watch the video (about 2.5 min)