Brainsight® and Customer Tools

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The serial number should have either a xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx format. One easy way to obtain your serial number is to launch Brainsight and select the “Brainsight->Enter Serial Number…” menu item to open the serial number window and copy the serial number from the serial number text field.

Brainsight QuickLook Generator

Quick Look allows one to view detailed thumbnails and previews of files on your disk. Plug-ins can be developed to support various file formats. We have developed a plug-in to support the medical image file formats commonly used with Brainsight and other medical image-based applications. It supports MINC1, MINC2, DICOM (using the .dcm extension), PAR/REC, Analyze and NIfTI file formats. Unfortunately, due to conflicts with DICOM images without extensions, they are not supported at this time.

Rogue Research makes this software available to anyone free of charge, and makes no claims as to the stability of the software (use at your own risk) nor its suitability for any purpose.

Download the latest version (version 2.3.8, released 2017-12-20)