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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase a product from Rogue Research, so we endeavour to offer you multiple paths, either direct from us or via one of our partners, that suit your needs best. Regardless of your preferred path, we will offer you the same product and support that all of our customers enjoy.

Please fill in the form on the right and we will answer you as soon as possible, or visit one of our partners (listed on the left) for more information.

Distribution PartnersContact Rogue Research Directly
We pick our partners because they either offer good sales and support services on a local level, or help us integrate with complimentary products to help you solve more complex problems (often a bit of both).

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Rogue Research (US) Inc.

Our first foreign office is a good place to start for all of our human NIBS and fNIRS systems as well as our line of veterinary products for the USA. Contact us using our usual email or fill in the contact form.

Brainsight TMS, Elevate TMS, NIRS for human neuroscience
BRAINBOX specialises in bringing together and combining technologies, techniques and services for neuroscience and in doing so, help our customers around the world to conduct robust, credible, replicable and cutting edge research. The BRAINBOX initiative consists of a scientific meeting each summer, technical workshops throughout the year and the BRAINBOX Initiative.
Jali Medical  Inc.

Brainsight TMS, Elevate TMS
Jali Medical has been a provider of non-invasive brain stimulation equipment to the neuroscience community since 1991. They have broad experience in recommending the right tools to accomplish your research goals.
Symbiotic Devices  Inc.

Brainsight TMS, Elevate TMS, NIRS for human neuroscience
Symbiotic Devices offer solutions for EEG, ERP/EP, EEG & fMRI, EEG/& MEG, EEG & TMS, BCI, Behavioural Sciences, Sleep, Education, Neuromodulation, Neuroimaging and Neuronavigation.

They are responsible for Brainsight sales and support for Australia and New Zealand.
Miyuki Giken Co

All Products
Miyuki Given has been a valued reseller of our Brainsight family of products for 15 years. They have broad expertise in the neuroscience field and a good reputation for service and support.

They are responsible for Brainsight sales and support in Japan