Brainsight 2.2.15 is released for all users

We are happy to announce the availability of Brainsight 2.2.15.

Before proceeding with this update, please read the following important information.

Minimum requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is the absolute minimum version supported, but is strongly discouraged because it has a bug that can cause project saving to fail.
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later is strongly recommended. For a free update, visit

Changes since 2.2.14:

  • Fixed a serious but unlikely bug where opening a pre-2.2 format document could become corrupted if you did not save the document after opening and converting it to 2.2 format.
  • Fixed a bug where NIfTI sforms were incorrectly read, resulting in the displayed or exported world coordinates being incorrect. This is fixed both when opening old documents and creating new ones.
  • Importing EMG data from a .txt file to create a new session now tags the data with the EMG amplifier pod version set in the preferences. This is necessary to prevent subsequent opening of the document from thinking the data needs to be corrected (which 2.2.13 and 2.2.14 would do).
  • Fixed a bug, on OS X 10.10 Yosemite only, where activating the speech recognition feature often caused a crash.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

Note to 2.3 beta users:

If you are already using a beta version of Brainsight 2.3, you should stay with that and ignore this email.


You can download 2.2.15 just like any version of Brainsight, from our website here:

You’ll need your serial number, which you can get from Brainsight itself from the Brainsight menu > ‘Enter Serial Number’.


Simply run the downloaded installer, it will update any existing installation of Brainsight.


Should you encounter any difficulties, or have any questions, contact us at or by phone at +1-866-984-3888 (Canada & USA) or +1-514-284-3888.

Thank you,

The Rogue Research Team