Brainsight 2.3b17 is released for all NIRS and selected TMS Users

We are happy to announce the availability of Brainsight 2.3b17.

Before proceeding with this update, please read the following important information.

** Minimum requirements **:
– Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later is required. For a free update, visit <>. Contact us if you need to upgrade your Mac hardware.
– Important: this is the first version to no longer support OS X 10.8 at all.
– This version of Brainsight was tested against OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10.4.

** Changes since version 2.3b16 **:
– Fixed a few bugs converting older documents.
– Fixed a bug where the installer did not always add Brainsight to the dock.
– Fixed a performance issue where moving the crosshairs in some image views was very slow.
– The AP/Lat/Twist oblique crosshair angles can now be entered numerically in textfields.
– Changed the colours of NIRS electrodes in the session windows.
– Clicking on a waveform (to pop up its name) now works in staggered mode too.
– Fixed a bug where the brightness/contrast slider was sometimes disabled in the overlays window.
– Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

** Known Issues (also in 2.3b16) **:
– In any given session, you can start and stop NIRS acquisitions as many times as you want, but only the data associated with the most recent ‘start’ (from either NIRS or Perform step) will be preserved. Older data will be discarded (it will warn first).
– The checkboxes in the waveform legend view and view customization window do not work properly in non-live waveform views, and should not be used.
– Brainsight can become slow when drawing NIRS acquisitions that are both large (more than a hundred channels) and long (upwards of tens of minutes). This is especially the case when visualizing all the channels simultaneously and for the whole time range. To avoid this, we recommend using staggered mode visualization with a moderate number of channels.
– Very large NIRS acquisitions can cause a crash. Brainsight will warn when your parameters are such that this might happen.
– The legend does not show EMG peak-to-peak values as it did in 2.2.x.
– Some very old IOBoxes (with the low voltage version LabJack) are not properly supported, and using TTL triggers may not work.
– The user manual is not up-to-date with the software.

** Known Issues (new to 2.3b17) **:
– None.

** Download **:
– Brainsight 2.3b17 can be downloaded, just like any version of Brainsight, from our downloads section here
– You’ll need your serial number, which you can get from Brainsight itself from the Brainsight menu > ‘Enter Serial Number’.

** Feedback **:
– Please report any and all bugs, feedback, suggestions, etc. to <> or by phone at +1-866-984-3888 (Canada & USA) or +1-514-284-3888.